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About Us

Disability Services by Jigsaw Blue

We are a family-run disability service provider who are registered with the Victorian Government and the NDIS. Our vision is to be a leading provider of client care and support services, with a strong focus on empowering our participants to live a more independent, meaningful and connected life. We are driven by our family values, which are evident in every aspect of our work. From hiring and training to our interactions with participants, we strive to provide a personal touch that helps us build strong, long-lasting relationships. Our services at Jigsaw Blue include in-home support, supported independent living, individualised living options, assistance with daily activities, community participation, DFFH contingency placements, short-term and medium-term accommodation and more.


Jigsaw Blue began providing weekend respite services for participants and their parents/guardians in early 2013. Demand for full-time services grew in response to word-of-mouth, which led to the business becoming incorporated in 2014. Today, Jigsaw Blue employs approximately 180 staff members across management, support, and administration.

The Jigsaw Blue Service Delivery Team allocate over 5,000 hours of casual and permanent shifts each week to field staff that attend to clients and participants, on rosters that run 24/7 providing Supported Independant Living (SIL) care in residential houses that are owned, maintained, and operated by Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) providers as well as providing supports in family homes under Individual Living Options (ILO) STA and MTA arrangements. 

NDIS Disability Service Provider
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The Jigsaw Blue Logo

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The Jigsaw Blue logo is relevant to our business for a number of reasons. The concept of the jigsaw piece symbolises our desire to complete the picture, whilst considering the process as a whole.


It also reflects the individuality of all of the types of disabilities that we support. The blue in the logo recognises International Autism Day (April 2). 

Meet the Managers

The Senior Managers have worked in disability services for more than 25 years. They have a strong focus on caring for their participants wellbeing every minute of every day. They are dedicated to enlightening and enriching all of their participant’s daily experiences, whilst ensuring they consistently maintain a sense of choice and control in their care. 

About Managers
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