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ILO Detailed

ndividualised living option supports are added to your plan in two stages:

The first stage is all about Exploring and Designing the individualised living option supports you want and need. You’ll work out where you want to live, with who, what support you’ll need, and who you want to provide that support.

During this stage you will work with your family, friends, support coordinator and providers.

Decisions about your ILO should ultimately be made by you. You should be supported to be involved and make decisions as much as possible. Having an ILO arrangement means you have a say in where you live and who you live with, and who else might come to your home to provide you with supports or services. 

The information you need to design your ILO may include things like:

  • your goals 

  • your network and social community

  • what kinds of supports you already access 

  • details on what’s worked for you in the past 

  • what you want your life to look like. 

The second stage is support to put those things in place. The support depends on how and where you want to live, and what supports you need. You can change your individualised living option supports if and as your needs change. They’ll always be designed to provide the safety, stability and flexibility you need.

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